Innovations in High Temperature Vessel Linings Presentation

Innovations in High Temperature Vessel Linings Presentation

Innovations in High Temperature Vessel Linings Presentation

The 3rd Annual Corrosion Management Summit will take place on April 28-30 in Hilton Doha Hotel, Qatar

Belzona’s Managing Director, Ron Campbell, will present on the latest innovations in polymer linings designed for corrosion protection of process vessels operating at high temperatures and pressures. Mr Campbell will also join a panel discussion of factors considered to select the right materials plant design. For further information conference delegates will be able to visit Belzona’s booth managed by Belzona Distributors in Qatar, UAE and KSA – Apollo Enterprises, MCT and Hatcon respectively.

A spokesperson for the Corrosion Management Summit commented: “The Middle East is witnessing a period of rapid growth in infrastructure and the industrial sector, which is leading to increased investments in corrosion management. Corrosion costs the oil industry billions of dollars every year. The 3rd Corrosion Management Summit will highlight the need & importance to discuss corrosion management and issues related to it.”

Ron Campbell will talk about the latest developments in process vessel internal erosion and corrosion management solutions and application techniques utilising organic lining technologies. The presentation will focus on internal vessel linings, as well as flange face and small bore nozzle protection. The next generation HT vessel linings will be introduced along with a preview of a pioneering flange corrosion protection peelable and resealable membrane.

About the new products

Next generation polymer lining technology exhibits very high resistance to a wide range of chemicals and provides excellent adhesion to all rigid metallic substrates, ensuring long-term corrosion protection in high temperature immersion.

The new formulations, Belzona 1523 and Belzona 1593, eliminate the need for grit blasting between coats and allow for the second coat to be applied without any additional surface preparation within a 24-hour overcoat window. In-service post-curing ensures a rapid return to service, contributing to dramatically reduced downtime. Due to improved rheology, the new linings exhibit superior flow and leveling characteristics, enabling accurate control of the film thickness, whilst the light colours facilitate easier inspection of the lining after application.

Elastomeric domains that inhibit crack propagation have been incorporated into the polymeric structure of Belzona 1523 and Belzona 1593 to provide increased impact resistance and flexibility, so they can withstand the high temperature and pressure variations of the severe operating, maintenance and transportation conditions vessels are subject to.

According to Belzona’s Chief R&D Chemist, Richard Collett, “Belzona 1523 and Belzona 1593 are the culmination of 20 years of experience in formulating high temperature linings, starting in 1994. Belzona 1523 and 1593 are based on a combination of several ‘state of the art’ technologies and I believe they are our best high temperature linings yet.”

Ron will complete his presentation with an introduction of a pioneering flange corrosion protection system, which is liquid applied, cures at ambient temperatures and can be peeled and resealed allowing easy access to fastenings in the event disassembly is required. 

About the presenter

Ron Campbell has over 30 years’ experience in influencing the development and specification of coatings and composites for repair and prevention of problems caused by the effects of corrosion and erosion. He joined Belzona Polymerics Ltd In 1982 in the role of Technical Services Engineer. His deep interest in coatings and composites and understanding of the industry’s needs influenced the development of new materials and application methodology, allowing Ron to subsequently progress to managerial and directorial positions.

Mr Campbell is currently the Managing Director for Belzona Polymerics, leading teams in England and Thailand. He is also overseeing major projects ensuring adequate and consistent material specification and application, while leading the Research and Development team, dedicated to enhance the Belzona range for the company to remain a global first choice for industrial protective coatings and repair composites.

Ron is a published author with more recent papers focusing on corrosion management of process vessels, including innovative solutions to small bore nozzle protection and flange corrosion repair and prevention. Mr. Campbell has presented at various conferences, including NACE Malaysia: Turn up the Heat, NACE Oman: Vessel Lining Workshop, NACE Saudi Arabia: High Temperature Coatings, Indocor Indonesia: CUI, NACE Japan: High Temperature Coatings and IMXPO India and is set to present papers at the Qatar Corrosion Summit among others.

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